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Dawn Huff, Long Range Planner
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Patricia Johnson, Secretary
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Dominic Gemelli, Project Manager
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Deborah Gemelli, Enrollment Specialist
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The School District of Lee County's Mission is to ensure that each student achieves his/her highest personal potential.  The District's Planning Department supports the mission by providing quality planning and management services to facilitate efficient and effective use of school facilities and property while accommodating an ever-increasing student population and enrollment. 

The School District of Lee County's Vision is to be a world-class school system.  The District's Planning Department is aligned with Vision 2020 by continually developing and implementing process improvements to maximize the utilization of facilities district-wide and ensure capacity for future growth.


The Planning Department is responsible for district-wide enrollment projections; identification, procurement and management of real estate for new schools; the management of school enrollments and capacity; and the ongoing management and improvement of the Plan for Student Assignment. 

 Our current projects are:

            • Proximity Concepts for the Plan for Student Assignment
            • 5-Year Plant Survey
            • Market District Property to Sell or Exchange
            • Development of Improved Forecasting Model(s)