Dr. Ami Desamours
Chief Finance Officer

Susan Malay
Executive Director, Financial Services

Financial Accounting & Property Records, Internal Audit, Payroll


  • This department plans, coordinates, and supervises the preparation of the District's annual budget. The Budget Department then monitors the budget operations during the fiscal year and provides special analysis of budget and financial issues required by the Superintendent and staff. The Department also projects students enrollment, FTE, and assists in the allocation of staff resources.
  • The Financial Accounting Department makes payments to vendors, manages cash investments, records revenue, reconciles bank statements, distributes payroll checks, acts as a fiscal agent for grants received by the District and prepares financial reports. The Property Inventory and Records Management section of the department is responsible for the records retention and the tangible personal property inventories of the District.
  • The mission of the Food & Nutrition Services Department in Lee County Schools is to provide nutritious meals that nourish children, enhancing their readiness to learn without the use of District funds intended for instruction but within State and Federal Guidelines.
  • This department serves as an independent appraisal and monitoring function. The department furnishes analysis, appraisals, recommendations, counsel, and information concerning the activities reviewed. Audit results assist management in evaluating fiscal and operational performance.
  • To provide Payroll Services in an accurate and timely manner for all employees of the Lee County School District
  • Procurement Services is dedicated to providing the highest quality goods and services at the best value through competitive pricing while protecting the integrity of District funds and adhering to policies and procedures.